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We work with countries around the world, the studio has had a unique chance to research individual buying trends.
  Texture Mapping

A versatile and powerful presentation solution for communicating your fabric design concepts on the final application viz. garments, furnishings, curtains, etc. Any object, model or area in the image can be redesigned in 3D enviroment and then the new design range or colors are applied to give a uniquely realistic result. This texture mapped image makes your sales team and customer realise marketability of your concept. Here goes a brief on Texture Mapping  advantages ...

  Advantages of Texture Mapping:
  • Efforts, time and money involved in sampling mockups and preparation of presentations are considerably reduced.
  • Parity on design concepts is maintained during presentations
  • Mapped images can be printed for internal evaluation and generating sales portfolios/ slide presentations.
  • Can be sent to customers over the net / posted on your WEB server.
  • Easy decision making for the customers resulting in improved sales.